Lee District Association of Civic Organizations

Upcoming LDACO Events

​​​Wednesday, January 3, 7:30p - Two speakers for the evening. First up, the local chapter of GrandInvolve(https://www.grandinvolve.org/) will discuss their local efforts. Our headlining speaker will be from the Fairfax County TARGET program, which focuses on out of state vehicle tax evasion. The discussion will focus on how the prgram works, and how residents can most effectively work with the existing program.

Tuesday, April 2, 7:00p - Annual discussion of the proposed county and school budgets with Supervisor McKay and Lee District school board member Kaufax. Date TBD.

May 2019 - Date and topic TBD

Past LDACO Events

LDACO regularly hosts informative meetings with the members of the local and state government that impact our communities. Past topics have included but are not limited to county police reforms, communities of trust, ballot initiatives, vehicle tax evasion and code compliance. If you have an idea for a future meeting, please drop LDACO a line.