Lee District Association of Civic Organizations

Lee District Association of Civic Organizations BY-LAWS
I. Name

           This organization shall be known as the Lee District Association of Civic Organizations (LDACO).

II. Purpose

 A. LDACO is a non-political body composed of civic organizations in Lee District, Fairfax County, Virginia; the primary purpose of the organization is to serve as a forum for matters of civic interest to the citizens of the Lee District. 

​       B.  LDACO shall not, in any manner, be responsible to the Lee District Supervisor, his/her staff or representatives, nor shall the Lee District Supervisor, his/her staff, or representatives be responsible in any manner to LDACO. However, the Chair of the Lee District Land Use and Transportation Advisory Committee, while a member of the LDACO Board, is a joint appointment with the supervisor's office.

III.  Membership

​ A. ELIGIBILITY:  A Lee District civic organization must be organized and operated for nonprofit, secular, and nonpartisan activity.  Such organization must represent at least ten housing units.  A civic organization is defined as a civic association, a residential community association, a property owners’ association, a homeowners’ association, or a condominium unit owners’ association.

B. MEMBERSHIP:  Membership shall be granted annually to eligible organizations upon completion and approval of application and payment of annual dues as determined by the Executive Board.  The membership shall run from January 1 through December 31 of same calendar year.

C. MEMBER ASSOCIATION DELEGATE:  With membership payment, each organization shall designate in writing one person and one alternate who have the authority to represent their organization for business matters and voting as determined by the officers of LDACO.  Each member organization will have one vote. Other members of the organization and citizens of Lee District may attend meetings but shall not have the privilege of voting.

IV.  Meetings

A. Meetings shall normally be held the fourth Wednesday of the month, excluding the months of July, August and December, at a place determined by the Chair of LDACO. November meetings may or may not be held, due to conflict with the Thanksgiving holiday. Notice of the meeting date, place, time, and topic/purpose will be provided in a timely manner as determined by the Officers.  All regular meetings of LDACO shall be open to the public.  At least 2 LDACO officers shall attend all regular meetings in order to conduct business. 

B. Should a matter be presented to the Association for debate and decision, business will be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. Resolutions shall be presented in writing.

C.  All meetings of the Association and Officers will be officiated by the Chair or other Association Officer as designated by the Chair.

D. The Lee District Supervisor, Lee District School Board Representative, and all Lee District appointees shall have a standing invitation to the regular meetings of LDACO.

​ V.  Officers

A.  OFFICERS:  The officers of the Association shall be Chair, Vice-Chair, Land Use Chair, Federation Delegate, and Secretary-Treasurer.  The elected officers shall constitute the Executive Board.

B. ELIGIBILITY:  Official representatives and alternates of member organizations in good standing are eligible to serve as an officer. The existing Executive Board may additionally accept individuals upon submitting their qualifications, to serve for the good of the organization, with full consent of the Board.

C.  ELECTION AND TERM:  The officers, except the Land Use Chair, shall be elected for a term of two years by majority vote at the May meeting of an odd-numbered calendar year and shall take office in June and serve for the term. A term of any Officer may be terminated in the event of gross failure to abide by the bylaws, failure in fiduciary responsibility, or failure to obey the laws of the Commonwealth. An Officer must resign if running for partisan elective office. The Executive Board must agree to the removal of the Officer by majority vote with two weeks notice given to the membership.

D. LDACO recommends candidates for the Lee District Land Use and Transportation Advisory Committee (LDLUATAC) Chair. The LDLUATAC Chair is a facilitator between the Lee District homeowners and the Lee District Supervisor and Planning Commissioner. Hence the candidates must be acceptable to those parties. LDLUATAC shall be considered an independent entity composed of appointed representatives from their respective communities and not subject to the control of the Executive Board of LDACO or the membership of LDACO.

E. VACANCIES:  Any vacancy occurring in an elected office shall be filled for the unexpired term by the Executive Board.


1. NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  In the year of the election, a nominating committee shall be appointed by the Chair in March.  The nominating committee shall propose a slate to the Executive Board by the April LDACO meeting.

2. ANNUAL BANQUET COMMITTEE: The Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-Chair shall organize and lead the annual banquet committee. They shall make all the arrangements and collect monies for the annual banquet in November and December.

3. AWARDS COMMITTEE: The LDACO Chair shall appoint an Awards Chair to solicit nominations in September and October for the annual Les Dorson Awards with the help of the Secretary-Treasurer. The LDACO Chair will appoint the other members of the awards committee from among LDACO and Lee District community members. All LDACO Board members are eligible to serve on the awards committee. The committee shall choose the awardees by the 15th of November each year.


1. Chair: The Chair shall preside at all meetings of LDACO; shall appoint special committees with the consent of the Executive Board; shall appoint non-elected directors as specified in the Bylaws and LDACO representatives to non-LDACO boards, authorities, and commissions with the consent of the Executive Board; shall ensure that the duties of the elected officers and the committees are carried out; shall have general supervision of LDACO’s affairs; shall speak on behalf of LDACO; and shall approve all LDACO meeting agendas and communications with the consent of the Executive Board.  The Chair shall appoint an auditor in January to review the prior year’s financial records with the consent of the Executive Board. The Chair is authorized to implement any Standing Policies and Procedures, for the good of the organization, with consent of the Executive Board. Consent is by simple majority.

2. Vice-Chair:  The Vice-Chair shall preside at LDACO meetings when the Chair cannot attend; shall co-chair the Annual Banquet Committee, and shall assist the LDACO Chair with planning meeting agendas and topics.           

3. Land Use Chair: The Land Use Chair serves as Chair of Lee District Land Use and Transportation Advisory Committee (LDLUATAC). The Land Use Chair shall also assist all LDACO officers in the performance of their duties and act in their stead when necessary.

4. Federation Delegate: The Federation Delegate shall be LDACO’s representative to the Fairfax County Federation of Citizen’s Associations and shall perform other LDACO Board duties as necessary.

5. Secretary-Treasurer:  The Secretary-Treasurer shall assist the LDACO Board with communications for LDACO including, but not limited to, regular meetings, annual meetings, and a web site. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the LDACO bank account current and provide the Executive Board a written financial statement quarterly and a year-end report in January. The Secretary-Treasurer will keep records for the organization and shall make them available at every meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep membership records and send dues notices at the beginning of each year. The Secretary-Treasurer shall not incur debt or make expenditure on behalf of the organization above $500 without the consent of another officer.

H. Each Officer will have one vote. No serving Officer will receive salary, wage, benefits, or an award from the association for the performance of their duties.

VI.  Parliamentary Procedure

These Bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the order of business and proceedings of all meetings. The Chairman has the authority to waive parliamentary procedure, when conducive to the good order of the meeting, upon notice at the beginning of the meeting.

VII.  Amendment of Bylaws

The Bylaws may be amended in whole or in part by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at any regular meeting providing that written notice of such proposed amendments was sent to all officers and member organizations at least ten days prior to the meeting at which they are to be discussed.  The vote on the amendment(s) shall take place at the next regular meeting.

VIII.  Dissolution of the Organization

LDACO may be dissolved as an existing organization under all of the following conditions: 1. The current Executive Board consents to the dissolution of the organization, and 2. The Executive Board announces its intention to dissolve the organization at two separate monthly meetings.

​ Dated:  February 10, 2011