Lee District Association of Civic Organizations


Membership in LDACO is open to all Lee District homeowner, condominium, and citizens' associations that represent at least ten households. For further information, see MEMBERSHIPpage.


​The Lee District Land Use and Transportation Advisory Committee (LDLUATAC) reviews every development or redevelopment proposal for Lee District that involves some type of rezoning and land use planning. By-right developments, that comply with current zoning regulations for a piece of property are not subject to Land Use Committee review. It is important for homeowner associations and civic associations to be aware of land use cases in their vicinity, as those communities do have a voice. Developers are required to notify local homeowner associations and civic associations, but the association has the responsibility to notify their community. If the community does not find out until ground breaking begins, that is usually too late to influence the outcome. Each association is a voting member at the committee and you do make a difference if you are involved!

Upcoming LDACO Events


LDACO's mission is to promote two-way comm​unication between the civic associations and county government, in order to make government work better for Lee District citizens. It is also to support civic associations in the belief that strong civic associations make for vibrant, healthy communities. Civic Associations are part of the way democracy works in Fairfax County. Civic associations provide citizens a collective voice in local land use issues and community issues such as crime, zoning, traffic and pedestrian safety.
LDACO is the umbrella organization for all the civic and homeowners associations in Lee District, Fairfax County, Virginia. It serves as a local forum for the Lee District section of Fairfax County, just as the Fairfax County Federation of Civic Associations represents the civic associations of the entire county.

​​​Wednesday January 23rd, 7:30 p.m. - Vehicle tax evasion program.  Also, GrandInvolve.

TuesdaApril 2nd, 7:00 p.m. - Annual county budget meeting with Supervisor McKay

​May 2019 - TBD